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A few words from "Uncle Bill"

If you are like most folk that have been facing higher costs of living, one of the unlikely places that you can save is on a newer vehicle.

That's right.... a newer vehicle. You would be able to save on the cost of fuel as the mileage savings can be as much as $100 or more per month!

Of course you can get away from those hefty repair bills as most of our pre-owed vehicles have factory warranty so the cost is shifted to
pockets that are much deeper that your family budget!

Lastly, every time you are late for work or have to "skip" a day will cost you money... money you now lost that is need to fix the car!

Come, see me today and allow me to show you how we can move to a newer vehicle with lower costs of ownership and ease the family budget. It's a new year and you should start it off by getting ready to enjoy all of it!

Look over the samples of savings that our current videos are showing and see what catches your eye... you may be surprised at how little a newer vehicle can be...while you start saving today!

Just call me for a free trade in evaluation....

            "Uncle Bill" Dial direct at (607) 543-1215 today