Get A Fresh Start....
Is now the time for you to get a vehicle Loan?
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          Sometimes things can spin out faster than you can slow them down...
                                                  It can happen so fast.

        These past few years, many folks have found that the credit they worked so
                                hard for has a few bumps and bruises on it.

A few late payments or some unexpected bills. Whatever the reason, these last few years have been kind of tough on folks...and we understand that, and we can help.

You see, our economy is moving forward once again.... and, now is a great time to get yourslf a FRESH START, a New Beginning!

Banks rely on the ability to offer and create loans... they need to say "YES" in order to get new customers. That's how a lender "grows" their business. If they say no, then they are no longer growing as a lender and that is what keeps them moving along.

               We have lenders that are willing to help folks get loans for a vehicle...
                         and we have a terrific selection of vehicles to work with.

     If you think that you need a A FRESH START Auto Loan...Or you never had a loan,

           JUST CALL ME AT (607) 543-1215 for an "EZ-PHONE LOAN" Application!

             Call me direct... call me now! Together we can get you the credit you
               deserve and a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable and.... affordable.
bill_ogorman_website004003.jpg are ready for a fresh are
some of the items that helps the "FRESH START" to move forward. These items make things easier for the bank to evaluate each individual situation.

1. Two Current Paystubs... for Proof of Income

  1. Two Current Bank Statements
  2.      (must have current address and Acct # on them)

  1. Current Phone, Gas, Electric or Cable Bill

Remember, we are asking the bank to help give you the
opportunity to get a vehicle. It helps to be able to show them the documents that make it easier for them to say YES!

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